Une Affaire!

Deals are my jam…

I changed my boycott to the local store lol…deals are deals!

Plaid Scarf

  • all black
  • black + white/ivory
  • denim + white/ivory

Buffalo Plaid Scarf

  • all black

UGG Boots

  • TBD via trial and error…best guess is:
    • jeans + top
    • leggings + tunic
    • <unsure> olive skirt + top
  • Can they be flipped down to expose the lining?  Doesn’t seem like it…

Sperry Boots

Vivid colors and neutrals as with:

  • jeans + thermal
  • jeans + Portofino
  • jeans + sweater

GB Booties

  • Free People dresses
  • jeans + lighter/neutral tops
  • all black
  • all denim
New store…hope it works out!  No tax also…winner, winner chicken dinner!

Woodland Sweater

  • leggings
  • jeans
  • fitted skirt
  • semi-longer shorts
  • over a sheath

Crawford Top

  • leggings
  • jeans
  • over a dress

Noemi Dress

  • taupe wedges [TBB – to be bought]
  • olive wedges [TBB]
  • natural OTK
  • grey Margot
  • blush ghillie
  • GB booties -> talk about serendipity!

Gramercey Utility Jacket

Sherpa lined y’all!  I’m excited…def part of the Sports Mama capsule!

  • warm things 🙂

Owen Dress

  • denim jacket
  • any cardi
  • olive BR jacket
  • Infant’s bomber [sharing IS bidirectional!]
  • booties
  • ghillie flats
  • OTKs
  • Samoa sneaks

Shopping less…AND…since I am sharing with Infant…I’m kinda shopping for two 🙂


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