SMC: Modesty

This book has been such a blessing…encouraging AND convicting.

Me Now

Wear what I want…because it is precisely what I want.

Me…Me…Me…and I…I…I!

Not a good look for a believer.


Inward Character

Outward Modesty

Upward Devotion

IOU usually  means a debt -> Christ paid mine!

…my choices should reflect that…even the insignificant ones such as clothing.

What am I seeking to communicate with my style?

Whatever it is…it should glorify God.

Am I seeking to lure with externals?  I don’t think so – but it seems inescapable to a degree if that is all others look at…but, now that I think on it, that could be a telling sign of a person to dispense with immediately!  Helps me to think through these things!

And as my girl T said, the physical is gonna change.  Or as my fave says, what you do to get, you must do to keep.

Me, Going Forward

I still have absolutely NO misgivings about implications of males being visual AND that I find no flaw with how I dress [no blatant flesh-peddling is done by me]…I can have a bit more of a care.

I know my figure.

I also tire of the response to it.  They don’t see me.  Not really.

So I’ll amend the ‘me cubed and I cubed‘ to be -> respectfully me.  If extra layers are needed for modesty, I can do that…for my brothers in Christ.

Scarves, massive space consuming statement necklaces, toppers, etc.  Still stylish – just a bit more covered up.

Build inner beauty…cultivate useful skills…be kind to others and lead with a modest example!


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