Daughter of the Most High

I am reading the best book on doing relationships God’s way.  Thank God for godly gals who share books!

The author presents two ways to pursue meaningful relationships, the Hollywood Formula or God’s Prescription.  Once read, it seems like [supposed/mythical] common sense for the believer…BUT how ingrained is the Hollywood Formula into our minds via various forms of media…even Disney sold/sells that lie!

The Hollywood Formula

  1. Find the right person.
  2. Fall in love.
  3. Fix your hopes and dreams on this person for your future fulfillment.
  4. If failure happens, repeat steps 1 through 3.

God’s Prescription

  1. Become the right person.
  2. Walk in love.
  3. Fix your hope on God and seek to please Him through this relationship.
  4. If failure happens, repeat steps 1 through 3.

Eyes opened!

Become vice find.

Walk in vice fall in.

God vice another human.

Failure -> go back to become!


Relationships are such a big thing…a big focus or pursuit…and the aftermath of divorce/separation/failure is too severe and/or damaging to continue going forward wrongly.  I wish I had known at a younger age.  I have to share this with Infant!  And Sister!

Action items…

  • grow in my relationship with Christ
    • spend time focusing on the details and scripture
    • ask trusted friends about my blind spots
  • work on myself…
    • my selfishness…
      • my bad taste lol
  • apply love language knowledge to all relationships
    • vice being annoyed they aren’t like me lol

Not baby-steps per-se, but narrow focus that once assimilated into life/habits that will pickup new action items to narrowly focus on!


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