SMC: Queen

I’m not power-hungry BUT…what an interesting quote…

Queenly Goals

It’s time to do me…fully…not waiting on coupling…not needing any companion…do what I want, when I want, with whom I want [not in the nasty way LOL]…what’s gonna first?!

Elaborate systems don’t work well…too many bullets to remember or moving parts and I lose interest.  Less is more when it comes to focus.

I. Cultivate Inner Beauty

Time with God…Minimize mediocre media intake…Put off bad habits and put on good ones

I.i [As I maintain Outer Beauty :)]

Keep working out…Start eating better [a majorly epic belly ache in the wee hours of the AM brought about a real desire not to eat rubbish – like semi-go-hard clean eating LOL]

II. Stack Money

Shop less…Save more…Find a side-hustle

III. Read Tons of Books


IV. Do Fun Things

Time with Infant, Family & my best Gals


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