Je Veux: This Sandal


I’m in love with these shoes!  They are eye-catching without being too much.  Memorable and fun – better than Cinderella’s glass slippers!

Statement items appeal for many reasons…motive matters…

To add a punch…variety…fun..

Or to seek attention…gag -> height of dishonor!

I do what I do because it pleases me and I do it in a way that I always hope doesn’t displease God [i.e. immodesty, offending others, etc.]…as should anyone else.

Statement accessories are fun and useful…

  • They add polish and pizzazz.
    • to the mundane
    • on moody days
    • on blah days
  • They display uniqueness.
    • supporting goals vice attention seeking
    • conversation starters -> great for networking
    • when forced to wear a uniform

They tend to be cheaper than whole new outfits 🙂  Less damaging impulse buys too!

Not every shoe [or necklace, etc.] can or should be a statement…sometimes quieter ones will do.  Most times.


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