SMC [now]: Dresses & Tanks

Oops I did it again 🙂 but I love dresses…

This is my confession…two song titles 😀 showing my age!

Yeah, about that not shopping…oops!  But…the savings can’t be beaten!

My casual dress selection is wanting…and 128$ dresses for less than 30$ – UM YES…get in my closet!  And I’m tired of pants…jeans…jeggings…AND leggings.  OM-Grief so tired!

Spring and summer ready!  Wish list item -> blush bag!

I am seeing I vacillate between sleek & polished and somewhat bohemian looking things.

They couldn’t seem more unrelated to me.

I’m not sure if I favor sleek in certain moods and bohemian in others.

Maybe Uptight Me is sleek and Freer Me is bohemian?

Vocab word -> conundrum

“a confusing and difficult problem or question”

I guess that is me…I’ve been called that…thought the person was just being a turd.

With her long arms, Infant could possibly share…with leggings as she has about 5″ on me in height.  I think we are getting more and more into the Closet Raiding phase…

Ready in 60 seconds.  Wish list item -> more Cashmere Mist.

A dress is a whole outfit…and the right one will be as cozy as lounge wear.

Hopefully the return policy isn’t weird…but what I did like about Lord & Taylor -> NO tax for me.  They may become my go-to over Nordstrom for some things…but not my Highland or Lowland boots as they didn’t have any 😐


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