Buy: The bag to end all bag buying!

Bottom left is seeming most likely – great shape and will hold all my junk.

Spoke to a lady…I don’t know her well, but I know her to be forthright and authentic.  I asked her about her bag – I’m interested…very interested.

Per her:

  • doesn’t require delicate handling
  • longevity beyond belief [hers needed a small repair but the outside was impeccable]
  • goes with everything
  • ‘one you go LV, there’s no going back’

I can’t imagine not wanting another bag – but what I do feel lately, is buried by stuff that works well, but not universally.  I’m grateful for each bag – and while I am much for discriminating about my bags…there are still some brands that have bags that would fill needs wants!  Given that nice bags render ‘average’ bags a non-temptation…what then would an LV do?

I plan to have a care, save to pay cash for it, and be really sure it’s a good choice…and if it is a good choice, be very sure I select the right shape.  I don’t like hobo bags, huge sack looking bags, unstructured bags, etc.  I pretty much only like structured bags with relative ease of getting things in and out of it.

A new neutral enough for daily use but a print to add some interest.

One bag to end the bag switching…would I get bored?  Would I donate some of my bags [Ma and Infant would take them all LOL]?  Would it really deliver on ensuring lesser bags are no longer tempting?

Would work on Sunday too!

They aren’t easily available locally, so I’m in no rush…but it is a thought…one bag…does it even have to be an LV…I also like the structured bags by Fendi, YSL, and Chanel.  Maybe Gucci…but to a lesser degree [it’s the belt that I like there].

Can’t get to fat or thin for a purse!  Purse bear less wear and tear than footwear.

Note to self -> think through the following, soberly:

  • Is it good enough for years?
  • Will I get bored?
  • Is this wise?
    • Saving will divest me of most of the guilt and purchase insecurity… 🙂
  • What am I willing to forgo to purchase this bag?

Decisions, decisions…


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