Hello: Northern Lights

Goes with anything!

Reward money means shopping…wisely.

  • No redundancies
  • No fictitious event outfits
  • Maybe a gift but NOT today ūüôā

Hello Northern Lights Statement Necklace [here] – it’s different.

Differential via baubles!

There are only so many stores for shopping…the media gives us all inspiration on outfits [Pinterest, blogs and television!]…putting together very similar outfits is bound to happen…so without something extra, it is easy to look redundant.

Some people like looking like the masses…me, I hate it.

Not because I think I’m so unique or so great – it just feels unpleasant¬†to me…

i.e. everyone wants Michael Kors bags where I live…

I’ll pass ūüėź and also not wear anything with his logo if I can help it.

SO,¬†I use accessories to put a bit more of myself into my outfits…even if all the other pieces are the same as someone else…it is highly unlikely the baubles will be.

One of my best gals, M, is always tenaciously searching for unique things¬†and acquiring great things via her travels; and I think I get it now…being a replica gets old. ¬†It feels very uninspired. ¬†Common. ¬†Mediocre. ¬†Boring. ¬†Banal.

I feel like Regina George of Mean Girls when she told Gretchen hoops were her thing.  LOL

I guess if I were to find the good in copycats it would be ->

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

Yet another reason to shop less and be more discriminating.

I’ll wear what I like despite copiers…but less is more as it will require me to be downright creative in outfit composition! ¬†No two closets are identical.


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