Bye: Reactive Shopping

Cute but perhaps not for me…

Problem Statement

I see things and immediately want them in my closet.

I buy said things and then wear them once if at all.

I feel pretty guilt for the waste…especially after I donate it.

Cycle repeats for some new pretty thing.

Thinking It Through

I like to shop and I like clothes/baubles so prohibitions and fasts really won’t work.

Restrictions don’t generally work for me…pretty much never a long-term solution…

However…if I put some rules and thought processes around what I want vs. need…need is a given…want…has a hierarchy of filters to see if it is really worth buying.

Problem Solution, aka The Filters

  1. Will it damage my testimony?
  2. Could it be a new fave?
  3. How well does it work with my body type?
  4. Is it a keeper long-term or is it just fun now?
  5. How many things does it match?
  6. What percentage of my life events can I wear/use it in?
  7. Is there a cheaper option?
  8. What is the motive?

Other Considerations

There are also other things to consider, like my non-negotiable things:

  • Infant Items
  • hair
  • brow threading
  • fitness expenses
  • fitness body changes

None of which I can see myself giving up for another garment…when 9.9999 times out of ten, I wear my faves.

Note to Self

Practice seasonal planning and budgeting.

What Spring items are needed and wanted?

I would love an Easter outfit [it’s tradition – fiddler on the roof voice!]…



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