Not SMC: Jeans

40$ off of 120$…decent given the sale.

The Confession

I have jeans…they just don’t fit for the most part.  Loose in the waist and tight in the hips and thighs.  HORRIBLE.

Thank you Squat and Deadlift.

In truth, I don’t want to go back to flat and muscle-less either.

The Reality

I’m not going to stop lifting.

I also am not going to go on a radical diet or do excessive cardio to cut fat.

I’ll gradually cut back…but…in the present, I can’t only wear leggings…

Going Forward

I’ll return them if this new ‘petite’ line doesn’t work for me…but I still plan to donate many of the ill-fitting pairs.  I just have too many…could help someone else…and won’t wear that which makes me uncomfortable.

I don’t do ‘busted can of biscuits’ feeling pants.


My Truth

Don’t keep what can be given and presently used.

Give as you’ve been given to in past.

Remember how God provided in the past…huge tips, great hand-me-downs, and super awesome sales.

Don’t buy more than you need.

Plan to re-wear things and replace once they’ve had a long life.

Trust God to provide just the right thing when it is needed…rather than stockpiling.

Don’t make careless purchases.

Consider if there is a real need being filled or if it is just wanting to be wanting…the latter happens a lot.

Shopping too much can start to look like idolatry…and, um , no.  [reiteration will hopefully lodge this into my mental ‘should I buy this’ logic]


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