SMC: Capsule Planning

The General Idea



  • Tahari white peplum button up
  • graphic tee
  • black dress
  • destroyed jeans
  • dark/black jeans
  • black cami
  • long-sleeved chambray
  • black knit
  • grey cardi
  • grey scarf
  • Harrow
  • black bag
  • CK grey beanie
  • Samoa
  • black leather watch


The bag and watch match them all 🙂

  1. peplum over dress, Harrow
  2. peplum, jeans, Harrow, beanie, scarf
  3. cami, destroyed, Harrow OR Samoa
  4. cami, dark jeans, cardi, Harrow
  5. graphic tee, destroyed, Harrow OR Samoa
  6. knit, jeans, Harrow, scarf, beanie
  7. dress, Harrow
  8. chambray, jeans, Samoa, scarf
  9. chambray, dress/belted, Harrow
  10. chambray, dress/belted
  11. knit over dress, Harrow


  • appropriate foundations
  • garments of the closet that flatter

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