Cuddl Duds

Cuddl Duds are amazing.

my confession

Because shirts one and three [above] worked so well… 🙂 …I’ve literally worn the first one ten plus times despite only having it a few months [excessive to the max]…I never do that…variety is my jam…but here I am.

I bought the second and fourth… 😐

[@ Kohl’s — COCOA30 and FREE4JAN promo codes!]

Cozy layers for days of sitting and running super quick errands..

base layers

Adding and removing layers is far more palatable than being too hot or too cold when frequented environments vary in climate.

With base layers I can:

  • just have clothes…some seasonal switching, but not the huge effort of some [ahem, Ma!]
  • add or remove layers as I get cold or hot
  • add modesty by covering more
  • depending on the bottoms, they are more opaque than traditional tights and warmer [Old Navy fit leggings – above – are super opaque and conform like tights]
  • have less stuff, i.e. don’t need many long sleeved dresses if I can layer
  • less stuff means less clutter and less shopping

main outfit formula

cozy soft tunic + leggings + OTK boots

Additional layer -> Cardigans of varying thickness

Optional -> cozy scarves



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