SMC: Pretty Penguin


I call any black and white uniforms The Penguin…everyone marching about…all variations of the same boring.

BUT…red baubles…pretty red plaid scarf [feign coldness and they will pity you!]…not in compliance in any way…but, IMO, acceptable rebellions for my own sanity.  🙂

Like Voula [had no clue it was a V and not a B lol until I googled it] from Big Fat Greek Wedding “tell me what to do, but don’t tell me what to do” – LOL…but I do like black and white combos…sometimes…because I can add other things to them easily.

Perhaps I need to work on being a team player.  😐

Bright side:

I can pick any pieces I want…i.e. avant garde. 🙂

Accessories have no limit…at least not at this point.

Pain point:

I can’t pick any colors I want.  😐

Find what’s good in a situation…


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