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I generally like greens [Pine, Hunter, Kelly, Mint, Olive, Army…]…but…so far…not this one.

Not at first glance.

I have a cardigan [at least close to] this color and I like it…but beyond that or a scarf, I think I see a hard pass on this one!

Maybe a bauble?  Like a ring or brooch?

It reminds me of grasshoppers…and gross veggies…and allergies [admittedly odd].

With pink for sure…it grosses me out less when I think of pretty flowers and the green stems…but no splurges.


Maybe a button down half-tucked into some grey jeggings, grey trousers or white jeggings [which I don’t have]…IDK, I’ll have to see more!  Maybe a tank or a tee?

Above are screen prints from this site.  I just wanted to capture my initial reaction…just in case I see something that changes my mind.

I’m sure it will flatter someone and I’ll have a new view…but my creativity isn’t stretching so far today 🙂


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