SMC & List Making



I really appreciate her blog – and this post here, was just what I needed to focus some of my thinking and planning.

If I’m to drastically change habits/patterns and truly shop less…I need to think.

The Exercise


Gym…church…shopping/errands…child-related…bible studies…home…fun with friends…

The party days are over.  😐  🙂

Type of Clothes for Activities

  1. Gym
    • Athletic
    • Good here
    • Shoes are always justifiable
  2. Church
    • Dressy, business casual [only in a pinch]
    • Good here. Except maybe Easter…
  3. Shopping/errands
    • Easy in and out
    • Good here for warmer.
    • May need to think on cooler months.
  4. Kid Events
    • Sporty, casual, stylish casual
    • Footwear is key
      1. Kinda want hunter knee boots
      2. Or river boots – river boots win!
    • Outerwear is also key
      1. Would like a Northface, Patagonia or Marmot – thin but warm…vest and coat
      2. Water proof/resistant is a MUST
    • Business casual
    • Good here, period.
  6. Home
    • Lounge, sporty, cozy
    • Good here, period.
    • Up cycle clothes no longer suitable or likeable for outfits!
  7. Friend Fun
    • stylish casual
    • Good here too…period.

Chosen Areas of Focus

  • Stylish Casual
  • Sporty Casual

Outfit Ideas from Pinterest – Analysis


  • Hunter/Duck boot outfits
  • Scarf outfits
  • Women’s style

Color Themes:

  • Mostly neutrals
  • Some vivid colors

Shapes of pieces:

  • Dresses – classic shapes
  • Skinnies & leggings
  • Button ups
  • Knits

Types of pieces:

  • Structured
  • Comfortable
  • Figure flattering
  • Nice [to me] shoes


  • Solid neutrals
  • Classic prints – plaids…leopards…stripes
  • Clean lines
  • Layering
  • Classics for the most part

Outfit Formulas for Activities

She said pick two to three…

  • Top + jeans/leggings [optional cardi and/or scarf/ statement]
    • Layer button ups with cardis/sweaters
    • Half tucking is good
    • If leggings à longer top is a MUST
    • Shoes
      • Heels
      • Superstars
      • Booties/boots
      • Hunter boots
  • Dress + heel
  • Top + skirt [accented waist – garment shape or belted] + heel
    • Super stars would be okay for some skirts…

The Final List – 11 Things

Based on the above -> no real holes exist…jeans at my current size would be nice, but I can moderate the diet and go hard on metcon stuff…the nice to have items are marked with an asterisk…[a double asterisk will signify semi-excess].

  1. Great black jeans [current size]
    • half asterisk as I can wait 🙂
    • leggings will do
  2. Great dark jeans [current size]
    • half asterisk as I can wait 🙂
    • I have some that can work well enough
  3. Fun leather moto*
  4. Very pointy and very classic black pump**
  5. Hunter knee or near-the-knee rain boots*
  6. LL Bean duck boots*
  7. Rose gold superstars**
  8. More Zella high-rise leggings**
  9. Dublin River Boots
    • half asterisk – some hiking or sports events must necessitate!
  10. LWD, that can be dressed up or down*
  11. LRD, that can be dressed up or down*

And a few bonuses:

  1. Long tees
  2. Long Northface vest
  3. Waterproof jacket/coat
  4. Field socks – several
  5. SW Black OTK [when others have worn out]

In short, I can make all the above types of outfits WITHOUT any of the above and I should – I kind of think it would be ungodly not to…maybe sub some shoes where I don’t have the duck boots yet [do have hunter combat/semi-duck looking boots] or anything remotely like a knee hunter boot…

I just need to put what I now know will work into practice…and just be consistent…too many clothes tends to mean over-stuffed closets and drawers -> this steamer, so far, ROCKS!


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