SMC: Barcelona Cami


I have about a hundred of them…not really, but I didn’t count them either.  They are cute but hard to keep folded neatly [hence the not counting].

Pro: Versatile

Con: Short torso means an indecently low neckline

Save: I can cover said neckline with a scarf!  BOOM.

Also: I can layer thinner things under them!

Under chunky cardis…like the BR sequin ones!
Bit better than a tee with destroyed denim and a cardi.
Half tucked into jeans or trousers and under a traditional cardi.
Not as sure here – but I plan to try one over a thin turtleneck.

Either I am not very creative [= I am on some days] or I am semi-redundant [I like few things in variety?].  I kind of see a pattern/uniform emerging.  🙂

Plain with pops

Cardis and Camis [yikes, a modern day twinset…I did used to love those things!]

Other Tweaks:

  • big baubles [cue song, I like big baubles and I cannot lie…]
  • blanket scarves
  • smaller scarves
  • hair extensions make everything less boring/mundane/ordinary
  • vests
  • motos
  • skirts
  • alter some of the neutral ones to have higher necklines and layer them!

Since I don’t go many places…I could have to go on for a month of wearing nothing but these…but am I game to be disciplined?!

Gonna have to be disciplined:

This is why I have so many 😐

Is it a small save that I own no color/sheen/material duplicates?  But at this price…they wash up well…go with most of what I wear…and live longer than knit tanks and tees…

I think I will just not allow myself solo-Starbucks or solo-food trips…Infant tends to want things…

Express is a great store for basics in my world…if you get it on sale, you’ll have it when you needed – that is my story and I’m sticking to it.  🙂


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