Black & White

This necklace tho!

Dresses, though I don’t need a new one…generally ever…are a HUGE temptation for me. The four above…so many possibilities!  Dressed up, down, Derby, business meetings, church, dates, etc.

Sunday is the one day I tend to have a reason to get all gussied up…so I like having a well stocked arsenal -> great dresses, heels, fragrances, and baubles.  Huge shades if it is sunny too!

Unicorn Hunting!

Great white dresses aren’t easy to find…add a tricky figure…meticulous preferences…this rule and that rule…THEN when they are found, they tend not to be on sale…which I hate…quite a lot.  

However, something always comes up where I wish I had one…so hunting I go.

Fave shapes: sheaths and a-line

Lining: required.

Length: at knee and not below [few exceptions here].

Hate: exposed/garish zippers bisecting my backside [looks like a broken heart around the bum]….deal breaker for sure.

Note to self -> you’ve enough black…more than enough really…so unless it is truly spectacular…leave it in the store!

I’d also love a nude pump I don’t hate…Cole Haan hasn’t worked out so well…maybe they still need breaking in?  How to be motivated to break in a shoe that your foot hates…IDK that.


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