New Year, New Sneaks


I love Adidas…well for casual outfits…kind of meh for the gym [Nike Bionic and Pegasus shoes will do there – maybe a New Balance Minimus].

Macy’s and Finish Line had the White with Silver Striped Samoa Sneaks for 43 and some change.

Right up my alley – one for me, and one for Infant.

I love silver and grey…they look so good with white.

Kind of excited about twinning…if she’ll allow it.  🙂

Narrower than the Superstars – my first Adidas loves…hopefully they will look good in a sleek way…and not like my feet to resemble long boats.  😐

After this though…I’ve really got to be done shopping.  Braces are coming…LE SIGH…and while I knew they were high…they are double what I expected.  Half up front then payments…lovely.  BUT…I trust God with this…however, I do need to do my part of getting ready to lay out all that cash!

Small wins:

  • 2.5 hours at the mall…two purchases [grey sunglasses for a meeting AND some new Bionics]…less than 100
    • NEVER have I been more miserably bored at a mall 😮
  • several hours at the outlet mall…NO purchases
  • NO online purchases in a couple days

One day at a time…Uncle said [to my sister about her smoking…UGH there] always consider yourself in recovery…I’ll always love to shop – pretty things will always inspire me – so I have to manage that.


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