Planned Shopping in 2017


SO…rather than be subject to my many sartorial whims – whims that always want to shop – I’m trying to think of things I need/want.



Yearly Events

January VS Semi-Annual Sale…Seasonal Clearance Sales…June VS Semi-Annual Sale…NSALE…Black Friday…Cyber Monday…etc.

I need to keep a list…to be strategic lest I be tempted to browse…browsing usually yields a purchase.


  • Great Jeans
  • Nice Watch
  • Cashmere Hoodie & Others 🙂
  • 2 New Bags
  • LRD
  • LWD

What Else Tho -> IDK

If I plan…I can control…but IDK what all I want…I need so little…though some things must frequently be re-purchased [tees, under-pinnings, etc.]

Must donate some things too…maybe a one in and one out thing?  One box of things, one item out 🙂


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