2016 Review


2016 — 11 Observations/Lessons

In no specific order…some gleaned from my own pursuits,  others from people-watching:

  1. PEACE is priceless.
    1. as much as it depends on me – be at peace with folks
    2. sometimes this means putting them on ignore
    3. other times it means playing nice but extremely shallow
    4. then there is avoidance when polite isn’t possible
    5. …using $5 words maliciously 🙂 puts people in their place [unless they know more words than you… 😐 ]
    6. if it doesn’t feel right, don’t do it…best to err on the side of caution
    7. be selective at what media is taken in…can’t un-see things
  2. Trust more, worry less.
    1. God’s got this
    2. women really stepped up in PTSA
    3. BSF replaced a failed [an epic fail at that] small group
    4. sending the right friends – consistently
    5. family gatherings that stayed fun and polite – no drama
    6. sending older ladies I respect to pour in also
  3. Location, Location, Location!
    1. I can live here
    2. and travel to visit kin and friends
    3. church 2 and church 1 may swap places
    4. any place I’ve been, God has been with me…He makes a place, the place to live
  4. LESS is more.
    1. I don’t need so much
    2. learn the right items to have and invest
    3. learn what doesn’t work and take note
    4. try things on – great weed out factor
    5. keep a schedule of sales to stay on task
    6. the right fragrances vice variety
    7. contentment doesn’t mean excess
    8. less from [specific faves only]…Express…NYCO…Dillard’s -> actually nothing from them going forward..Banana Republic…J. Crew Factory…GAP…Old Navy…HUE…
  5. TRUTH only!
    1. If it isn’t truth, as in scripture, there is nothing that requires me to speak it.
    2. most opinions can be kept to myself
    3. practice tact
    4. direct those asking for opinions that would hurt their finer feelings [because they are needy] back to what they think of whatever banal thing they have asked
      1. how does this look
      2. do you like my hair
      3. other dumb stuff I wouldn’t deign to ask
    5. frame everything as being my opinion or preference…disclaim, disclaim disclaim!
  6. Worship
    1. is a way of life
    2. not just on Sunday
    3. priority #1
    4. impossible in the presence of known sin
  7. I am strong
    1. mentally
    2. physically
    3. by God’s grace…
  8. Visual lines matter more than trends/brands/etc.
    1. OTK and Booties – great at my height
    2. Mid rise looks better than high-rise if I am tucking the shirt in
    3. Not all booties are the same – need that front dip
    4. Right at the knee boots aren’t the best
  9. Quality
    1. SPANX does NOT make the best shape wear
      1. they have the most dropped name but they are mediocre for me
    2. Keep up with brands where quality is pleasing!  [VS, Zella, KS, RL, LOFT, Mark Fisher, Rag & Bone, CK, MK, Hunter, Frye, Ariat, etc.]
    3. I really want the SW – when they make a doable heel…or a Lowland will do.
    4. buy with the future in mind…if it is worth buying, it’s worth keeping…
    5. Nordstrom is a fave due to their great return policy
  10. Everything must go in the book
    1. meetings
    2. appts
    3. events
    4. projects
    5. all of it…if it needs doing, it must be in the book
  11. Know Your Role
    1. still applies
      1. so many people don’t -> educate them
      2. be clear about it up front -> be direct
      3. never forget mine
    2. also applies to which trends to select too -> picking incorrectly can have an aging effect or just look sad and needy

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