Fire & Ice

Red – fun & festive – combat a dreary winter

Blue is fun too – less bold though



New to me but seems to work for my current shape.

Also seems to cater to my avoidance of patterns.

For the most part, the styles seem classic but current.

It all started with a free birthday tee – that fit well 🙂


  • Closet Reductions
    • Gave Infant two dresses.
    • Donated some others.
  • Need to have some pieces that allow for easy polish.
    • School meetings.
    • Bible studies.
    • Time with friends.
  • These are so  modest…if they fit AND flatter, they will be a welcome addition.
    • I have two that will are more contouring…so not evenly appropriate
  • It’s too cold for some of the dresses I was counting on wearing.  Thickness is needed for what may be a brutal winter.


  • Belted or no?
    • Thinking NO
  •  Shoes
    • INC studded heels
    • Gold brogues
    • Ghillie flats
  • Boots & Booties
    • Harrow
    • Margot
    • Maybe even Aldo
    • Heath Harness
  • OTKs
    • Humor [any of the 4]
    • Lencon [either]
    • Frye

Confessed Excess

  • For good measure, I got the neutrals too.  😐
  • I’m ashamed.  😦
  • I secretly hope I hate them so I can return them.  🙂

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