2016 Reflections

Few of my favorite things!

It’s been a blessed year…as all of the ones in the past have been too!


  • 5 Years with Company
  • PTA Officer – The Big Cheese [lol!]
  • SBDM Parent Rep
  • Started BSF
  • “Apprenticeship” for MK
  • Spiritual Growth
  • Decent Poshmark Sales
    • Then super decent donations when patience for selling passed.
  • 175lb Deadlift
  • 170LB Squat
  • Kate Spade Planner for 2016
  • Thomas Kinkade Planner for 2016 [ almost like it better than KS!]

Favorite Purchases

In no specific order:

  • Superstars
  • Mark Fisher Boots – especially the wine Humor and the black Lencon
  • Halogen Ghille Flats
  • Rag & Bone Booties – especially the black Harrow
  • Warren Wiersbe Books on Kindle
  • Thru the Bible on Kindle
  • Black High Rise Zella Leggings
  • Black Sloan Pants
  • Eurasian Lose Wave Extensions
  • Every single fitness class!

Bought & Returned

[Or should have returned…]

  • SW Thighland
  • Many Coats
  • Many  Jeans
  • Several Boots
  • Ponchos and other gross baggy thick knits
  • BR Jeans
  • Halogen Noble OTK Boot

Favorite Memories

In no specific order:

  • Time with Infant in General because life with Infant is grand…but some that stick out today:
    • Boxing
    • TV Watching & Mind Reading
    • Suicide Squad
    • Central Intelligence
    • Chaperoning her first dance and loving her outfit.
    • Her first MK purse!
    • Watching her style really come together.
    • Watching her grow as an athlete.
    • Fall photo shoot -> cowboy boots were worn!
    • Charity events!
  • Time with Family
    • Worship
    • Dinners
    • Brunch at a cozy little tea place.
    • Painting
    • Garland Decorating
    • Joint Cooking Efforts
    • Shopping
  • Time with Friends
    • Book & Dinner Time with M&J
    • Fitness Fun
    • Shopping & Eating
  • Nordstrom has excellent customer service.
  • Kind gifts from friends.
  • Worship at 2nd Church [as I think of it].

Things I’d Be Glad to Forget

  • Being profiled – it sucks eggs.
  • Idiotic [wanna-be] Suitors.  They too suck eggs.
  • The Debacle Concerning the Horribly Self Righteous Duo.
  • The annoying transition from relaxed to not.

Possible 2017 Goals

  • Dig into The Word more.
  • Continue in BSF.
  • Cut fat.
    • Get stronger while getting leaner.
    • Also means healthier diet.
  • Bed & Breakfast with Infant.
  • Growth:
    • Knowledge of scripture.
    • Hobbies.
    • Culinary.
    • As a person.
    • Time management.
    • French lessons.
    • Saving verses spending.
  • Start empty nest planning so I have NO time to wallow!
  • Time with friends.
  • 50+ books.
  • More 200 in 2 items checked off.
  • More fun with Infant.
  • Maybe a 5K with Infant…and a group because I am not fast!

Kinda Want in 2017

  • 4WD in black.
  • Cozy basics that I can mix and match [ = capsule ].
    • More Zella leggings.
    • Thin knits
    • Items I can layer.
  • Great dresses:
    • white
    • ivory
    • red
    • black
  • New sneaks:
    • running
    • lifting
    • casual – more superstars
  • Premium denim.

Fave Brands at This Point

  • Frye [boots]
  • Rag & Bone [booties]
  • Mark Fisher [boots so far]
  • Michael Kors [shoes and coats]
  • CK [dresses and outerwear]
  • Adidas [superstars and neos]
  • VS Fit Gear
  • Hanky Panky [original rise]
  • ON Fit Leggings
  • Zella [leggings and sports undies]
  • Kate Spade [bags & planner]
  • Ralph Lauren

Brands/Stores I’m Watching

  • Halogen
  • BP
  • SW
  • Cuddl Duds
  • Kohl’s
  • STS [Nordstrom]


  • To do or not to do?  Consider eternal consequence.
  • I don’t need very many clothes O_O.
    • I chiefly wear my faves…and occasionally wear that which I get excited away…how strange.
    • I’m also in fit gear MOST of the time.
  • Splurges should be saved for:
    • Bags
    • Shoes [mainly boots]
    • Baubles [the classic kind]
  • A small group of ladies I can be transparent with is so helpful.
    • What was pretending to be my last small group wasn’t – more a megalomaniac and his/her followers…and I’m not about that cult life.  😐
  • I need to study scripture for myself.  Bible journaling helps me focus.
  • God gives me what I need as I trust Him.  Just enough light to move forward sometimes but His light can’t be beaten!
  • I’ve grown here.  I always see the road ahead and don’t reflect on what is different [in me or in general – I tend to keep moving…constant blur of action, effort, and energy is my typical mode of operating]…but my responses are different…I have more non-negotiable things…even if it is in retrospect, I am concerned about how my actions cause people to think about God…I’m very nearly over trying things my way and then praying…I know I can’t do anything without Him…not even supposedly small things.  I remember the days when this was not the case!  God’s grace…
  • Things that curb shopping:
    • fit
    • quality
    • cost per wear
    • shoulders & hips
  • My time is valuable…dates for free meals is moronic in an epic way.
  • Do people keep/make me sharper?  If not, it may be time to shift them along!



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