Image Inspiration

She looks cute doesn’t she 🙂

In scripture, we’re told to put off before we put on…a change of clothes so to speak…the old man for the new one…corrupt for incorruptible…and it is a process.  Generally, in my life at least, it has been one thing at a time…He’s gracious that way…to show me, let me succeed, and then show me the next thing that needs to be put off.  🙂

Right now, I feel like His finger is on my attitude towards shopping.

Things I have noticed lately…

me being me

  • Having the right pieces makes dressing quicker and easier.
  • I am anal about fit.
  • I repeatedly wear the same things…80/20 rule…20% of my closet gets worn 80% of the time [okay that application may not be what the rule maker had in mind lol].
  • Accessories are the real outfit makers to me…and toppers [outerwear].
  • I don’t prefer most prints and I never wear them frequently because it feels oppressively redundant [but repeating solids is not an issue 🙂 sounds nuts even to me].

facing facts

  • My body changes a lot.
  • 52 Sundays in a year, 28 of which I can dress as I please [no uniform].
  • I’m in fit gear most of the time.


  • Stuff is a poor substitute for substance.
  • Given all of the above bullets, I have NO reason to own so much.
  • I’ve even less reason to keep buying stuff.
  • I really need to donate more…but it is hard…I can ‘what if’ with the best of them!
  • Great basics of great quality are really all that is needed.

I’m not in the ‘new year, new me‘ mindset [that isn’t my thing at all] – I’ve been battling this all 2016 and will likely battle it in 2017.  It’s coming…I’ve closed more browser windows of late.

Putting Off

  • Wanting just to be wanting
  • Shopping just to be shopping
  • Purchasing to recreate great outfit ideas without considering what I ALREADY have
  • Buying one-offs [goes with one thing and NOTHING else]
  • Buying clothes ill-suited to my life [i.e. I’ve NO need of a cocktail dress at this point and I trust God to provide it if I end up needing one!  In the past, such things have been given when needed or found super-duper on sale…I trust Him.]

The Big Idea -> pretty isn’t a good reason for a purchases that will sit, moldering with the tags still on.

Putting On

images as inspiration only

  • Considering what I have that is nearly the same
  • If nothing, considering what I have that could still yield the general effect [that one thing that drew me to the image in the first place
    • how it is styled
    • combinations of colors or hues of the same color
    • juxtaposition
    • etc.
  • Being inspired by the idea and not the items

The Real -> If I don’t like looking like someone else in dress [if I can help it], why would I do a total copy?  Riiiiighht…take the idea and move on!

Also, saving money…future planning…all that fiscally responsible stuff!

The Inspired Outfit

Via the image at the top…I think the following could work for me:

  • AT A-Line Skirt
    • I’m not in love with full skirts on my figure.  This is an absolute – modifying that piece is a must for me.  #notthinenough #lol
  • White Blouse
    • L/S Peplum
    • Rolled Sleeve EXP
    • S/L [ruffle on the non-sleeve] EXP
    • [I have no graphic tees like that and don’t need to shop for one!]
  • Black OTK
    • OTK socks in heels would NOT work on my body…or for my current age/life.
  • Tan Coach Tote
    • Or Tan KS Purse

All in All

I keep turning the same thoughts over [I feel redundant but out if must come]…

I know what I am supposed to be about…but those pretty things can be such a snare!

Like siren singers…

If it isn’t for me, it is for Infant…and the ‘I might as well add a few things for myself since I am at it’ mindset means I get something too!


living a God-honoring life

I want to honor God…He’s restored so much that I thought lost to me.  He’s made ways out of thin air…I’ve had favor where only He could have divinely arranged it…AND MORE.

Obey and leave the consequences to Him.  Shop less!

Put off the shopping…

…put on structure/rules/etc in it’s place.

An idle mind shops too much.

Also, unsubscribe from most sale emails!

Also, blessing  others out of my excess…I really need to think long and hard on that…and mentally part with things I’d keep just to be keeping.

fashionably fit

Personal style vice massive piles of supposedly stylish things!

Considering my purchases in capsules could weed out some too…things are never as versatile as I initially think they are.  Ever.

I need to work on my visioneering!  🙂


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