New Year, New Me…JK

Goal: mix and match…accessories > garments

I hate that phrase 🙂 immensely.  I find it overused by those who want change but don’t want to work until it happens…I could be wrong, but if one wishes to act, they act…without deferring.  January over-population at the gyms as compared with how quickly those crowds thin over the next few weeks for some, and few months for others…  I’m dedicated to a change.


However, I am working on some re-framing…now, not later as in the magical date of 1-1 that many use to defer action as long as possible.  Utterly cliché.  Or perhaps they are particular about starting on a new year with a new slate…IDK, either way it reminds me of some cartoon -> “why do today what you can do tomorrow” – not a good way to live or how to be a good steward of time and blessings.

The re-framing is that, instead of clothes, clothes, clothes…great basics and vary the look via accessories.

giving the new frame some feet

As I’ve been mulling this over, I’m putting feet on it ASAP…those feet are:

  • Thin out by sharing with Infant
  • Thin out by sharing with Ma
  • Thin out by sharing with charities that clothe women [for free]
  • Thin out by donating anything outside the above to CLL

In that order.  Charity begins at home and then moves outward….as I’m not letting go of many accessories, Sister misses this round – we are built differently and I have the big feet of the family!


It’s more than a de-clutter project though that will be a very real benefit…it is also more than a reach for minimalism [I tend to be maximal all the way – there isn’t a switch that I can flip to make that transition – variety is my jam]…it is more, it is acting in faith that:

  • I can bless someone else with gently used, if used at all, extras
  • Trust Him and stockpile less
  • Spend less time cultivating adornment for the outer and more time in His word growing spiritually [inwardly]


I’m also feeling buried by possessions I rarely use.  The idea to build variety was good…my color selection was off…as was my body goal impact estimations…


At BSF our leader says to pray that God put His finger on something…I think [for me] it is clothes…fashion…stuff…shopping to be shopping.  I need to spend that time on more meaningful pursuits.

end game!

I can have style without the excess.

Many stylish women have very little and just use it well!

confession aka the struggle is real

I still struggle with wanting, most likely always will!  Today’s list:

  • Long Gloves
    • it’s cold
    • I don’t love the ones I have
  • Faux Fur Vintage Collar
    • dress up coats for a new look
  • Camel Highlands
    • a big NO because I know the heel is more than I will bother with
    • but they are SO pretty
    • maybe a walnut or londra Lowland
  • Belted Red Wool Coat
    • because red is so fun to wear when it is cold
    • it’s also classic!
    • need a deal.
    • here or here or here
      • Dillard’s tore their britches with me but…
      • I am thinking I’ll spend the gift card they gave me “for my  trouble” [it didn’t even come close to the suffering]
      • Nordstrom is better…as is Macy’s [to and for me]

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