I like interchangeable pieces…ergo

  • I need to get rid of those that aren’t.
  • I need to stop buying those that aren’t.

I’ve a pretty good feeling, Infant is going to [get to] keep the dress she borrowed [and its black twin also].  It looked so darn cute on her, how could I take it back in good conscience…and anything that encourages girly over sporty I’m all in favor of 😐

Sneaks and sheepskin boots [as she said, I buy ‘off brand’ -> Bearpaw and Ukala…we do not have Uggs at this point…I’m not in love enough for the price…AND they are bad for your feet (and body in general)…heels may be too but…they’re worth it!  My college roommate might have called that stupid logic!] are cute but NOT all the time…LE SIGH.

And what good is a clothes horse mother if she doesn’t share?

It is kind of fun.  🙂

To the vests…

They add interest [color, pattern, texture].

They add warmth.

They cover up crops on ladies beyond midriff baring years!

Actual outfits…

  • express striped cropped turtleneck, dark jeggings, belted sleeveless trench and
    • OTKs
    • Harrow booties
    • Black ghillie flats
    • Menswear flat
  • swing dress, JCF faux fur vest, pearls or black beads and
    • CK knee boots
    • OTKs
    • Harrow booties
    • Black ghillie flats
  • mushroom colored reversible vest, medium to light jeggings, white JCF infinity button up, garish statement and
    • Margot booties
    • OTKs
    • Blush ghillie flats
  • black swing dress, Wet Seal military vest and
    • Harrow booties
    • OTKs
    • CK knee boots

I’m thinking…

The more basic the pieces, the easier it is to layer things over them and not look like a cluttered hot mess.  I endeavor NOT to look like that though I am sure [as per others] it happens.

Change your thoughts -> change your life.

If basic pieces work best and are easiest to wear -> why go nuts over special pieces that collect dust?

I don’t reach for things that cause a headache just in figuring out what to wear with them…

I like baubles more than ornate clothing…cheaper and less garish in my books.

Garish garments can add bulk…shine enhances girth…lace and ruffles don’t universally flatter…why bother with the trial and error because another blogger looked TOTALLY ADORABLE in it?

If I am to be me…then…

I think that leans towards an 80/20 of understated/garish…and an 80/20 of classic/twist where the twist is edgy or rugged.

And practically that means lots of:

  • Simple lines
  • Lots of neutrals
  • Great fit
  • Great quality
  • Classics

And less of:

  • Trendy clothing
  • Ornate garments
  • Printed  pieces

Why do I have to keep reminding myself of this?!

I shopped today…not proud of it…kind of disgusted about it…but I’ll not stay in condemnation either!


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