Blush & Burgun

A pink blazer [on somebody!] would be sharp.

the facts

  • I don’t do blazers.
  • I’ve yet to own a beret or find one locally that isn’t itchy.
  • I need new jeans or to lose a bit of mass 😐


  • Grey, black or navy instead of blush.
  • Cardi or any other top instead of a blazer.
  • Beanie for beret.
  • Lose the mass 😐
    • Note to self -> rubbish diet has LT consequences besides girth.

shopping my closet


  • Grey cardi
  • Matching scarf
  • Wine OTKs
  • Wine beanie
  • Grey jeggings


  • Black top/cardi
  • Plaid scarf [matching – or ruana!]
  • Wine beanie
  • Wine OTKs
  • Dark jeggings


  • Navy chunky cardi or thin knit turtleneck
  • Grey or dark jeggings
  • Wine OTKs
  • Wine Beanie
  • Matching scarf


  • AT blush bolero
  • Scarf with blush in it
  • Wine OTKs
  • Wine beanie
  • Dark jeggings

the rub

…trial and error will physically require trying things on 😐 which I don’t love and always creates the hugest of messes…an epic mess!


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