top left – swing dress…top right – jeggings and a turtleneck…bottom right – skirt and long-sleeved tee…bottom left – slacks and a button up

Ruanas & Blanket Scarves are good for several things…

  • Adding Color/Pattern
  • Keeping Warm
    • [esp. in a cold building]
  • Boredom Prevention
    • for reasonable rates
  • Can add modesty
    • i.e. for suspect necklines.
  • Additional Layer
    • i.e. sweaters are too bulky.

Confession & Justification

  • I just got three things from Macy’s – great price on some bold and classic plaids.
  • I’ve wanted them since last year…
  • Plaid will not cease to be stylish or appropriate in winter months.
  • Cheaper than new coats and sweaters!

Outfit Ideas [not pictured above]

  • jeans, thermal, boots
  • sheath, turtleneck, boots
  • gym clothes, boots, proper coat
    • for quick turnarounds from gym princess to Mama of Teen, sometimes needs must…
  • leggings, tunic-length top, boots



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