I don’t have all these things…lace-up sweater…gold Nikes…fun beanie with a kitty on front…Apple watch…

Nor do I need them…[more a note to self because I kinda think I’d enjoy all of that!  🙂 ]

But I do have:


Thinner is better…bulk on my frame is hideous.


Former me said, “leggings aren’t pants!’

Current me says, “fitness leggings are pants if you’re sufficiently covered!’

Black Tops

My current fave is this one…by Cudl Duds.

I’ve had it less than a month and have worn it no less than 5 times in various outfits…proof no one sees winter clothes unless you’re staying a while 😐

Sweaters and button-ups work too…





Garish but appropriate -> needs must for simple clothing.

I guess it is far easier to keep shopping than to be creative with items currently owned…I wonder…if I can wait for the Nordstrom Sale next fall…at least on myself.  Huge amounts of discipline would be required!  Or give myself a limit…set some rules in place…IDK…cold turkey doesn’t work.

Infant always wants or needs something.  I just have to not add a thing or two for myself when she does!

I fasted with “himself” a few years back and it went well…perhaps I can do it again…


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