Shopping in the Bitter Cold

Bundled up!

Bitter cold may be just a tad hyperbolic, but despite loving it for boots, I don’t really prefer to be cold enough to need a coat.  I thank God I have them but if I can make a mad dash from the car to the door of my destination, I tend to always leave it on the seat while driving and in the car while shopping 🙂

I will however, endure the some cold – while properly dressed for it, for a shopping trip to a new [to me] place 🙂

Family Trips that involve shopping are always fun for Ma and me…Infant is 50/50 either way – generally depending on what she gets…and Pa isn’t the power-shopping-touch&try-everything type of man ->

He is more the I-know-what-I-want-so-hurry-up-because-I-am-done sort…

SO, I’ll have to hit the best first and squeeze in all I can after that!

I kind of hope to find:

  • new trainers for lifting
  • tartan!
  • OTK socks that are thick and warm
  • running gear for SUPER cheap
  • an under the bum thin puffer
    • or thin quilted vest
  • great thin knits in neutrals

Merry Christmas & Happy Holiday Shopping!


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