SMC: Ruana & Leggings

Outfit: Ruana with Brooch, Scarf, Mittens, Watch, Ring, Black Tee, Black Leggings…cozy for cold weather lounging at home. [I have none of these lol!]
I miss my country home the most in the fall and winter months.

It was hotter than the devil’s domain in the summer so I don’t miss it quite as much then 🙂

I also do NOT miss traffic being stopped by farm equipment 🙂

There were so many charming little businesses, farms and beautiful houses to look at while driving…fall displays…fall carnivals/festivals…everything shut down for snow…kind and personable people…the gas station slash market down the road and it’s tasty treats [chicken on a stick and BBQ bologna…just two examples]…I’m grateful for where God has me…but I do miss it.

It was laid back and down to earth…good manners…kind neighbors and strangers for the most part [every town has freaks]…for the most part a Christian little town…the locals called it God’s Country…because He spared them in most natural disasters.

Every place has it’s charm…things I like here:

  • closeness of kin
  • my gym & trainers
  • certain school faculty/staff
  • new good friends & associates
  • accountability
  • pretty fall foliage
  • BSF
  • charities to participate in

No one gets it all.  It’s best to be grateful for the good of the past and the good of the present…no  matter how different.

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