New Wish: Hiking


Hiking…this is my new wish.

In the past, I’ve never had much love for the great outdoors unless looking via window…but lately…I really want to go on short hikes in no-bug season as Pa reminded me the outdoors is where bugs, which I loathe and detest, live – I [mentally] planned for that -> adapt to the cold!]…

I think the inspiration came via:

  • Infant in outdoor sports.
  • Knowing it is  God’s general revelation about Himself…His creativity…His majesty…etc.  [ here and here ]
  • The colors…the scents…the beauty…how it feels to inhale less polluted air…an experience for the senses 🙂

I’ve no clue where this wish came from…only that it is persistent and not a whim.

Outfit idea:

  • Thick warm plaid
  • Hunter waterproof boots
  • Fleece-lined leggings*
  • Vest or jacket**
  • Thick woolen socks**

*don’t have…yet 🙂

**not pictured…

I’ve missed fall…so perhaps the spring!  #goals 🙂

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