Make 7


Up Yours…lol…I have always loved this commercial campaign [or whatever you call a series of commercials for one brand].  🙂

I also love a good graphic tee – soft and cozy [not the crusty hard ones mass marketed at the mall]…dressed up with great shoes, a blazer and some killer jeans.

Fun and appropriate without being stodgy.

I lack the tee, the blazer, and the jeans…but whatever 😐

However, I’ll wait to buy any of that!

I have a sorority tee that is cute enough for this type of outfit.

I wouldn’t mind a great band tee tho…

I think sometimes in the frenzy to possess and own, one can forget what they already have that would serve the same purpose and look just as good, if not better…and definitely less mass-marketed since it is unlikely many will be wearing the non-of-the-minute item 🙂

The older I get…I still like pretty t hings, but looking like everyone else is such an odious thing.

Similar is fine…but redundant…I think not.

To implement going forward:

  • Shop less.
  • Channel the shopping energy into other forms of creativity.
  • Don’t wear too many of the minute items at once.

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