11 Things – December 2016


11 Things I Kinda Want [and a case for each]:

  1. great black jeans
    • slimming
    • staple
    • cost per wears would be low
  2. great super dark jeans with matching seams
    • see above
  3. beanies – lots of beanies
    • ward off illness
    • be warm
    • cover bad hair days
    • add color
  4. berets – red and black
    • fun for Sunday’s
    • perhaps only one then…
      • [hats don’t fit well over extensions]
  5. brown harness or cowboy boots
    • love my grey harness boots
    • brown looks so pretty with color
    • love my black Ariat boots so I’m sure I’d love the same ones in brown!
    • boots are focal in cooler months
  6. saddle colored knee boots
    • versatility
    • boots are focal when it is cold…
  7. a thin but warm vest – black or red
    • layering
    • for semi-cold days without the bulk of a coat
    • easier to drive in than a coat [hate driving in coats]
  8. thin knits of good quality that don’t quickly pill –  in flattering colors or neutrals
    • chunky knits are over for me
    • warm
    • can half-tuck into skinnies
    • can wear under sheaths
  9. tunic length tops that flatter my figure
    • cover the lovely lady lumps when paired with leggings
    • leggings reveal so much…not like tight jeans…one can’t hide anything in leggings!
  10. great leggings and super opaque & warm tights
    • never can have enough
    • with wear they don’t live long
    • I’ll wear the dresses if my legs are kept warm via tights!
  11. red belted wool coat to the knee [no longer]
    • red is classic
    • red is a good color for me
    • red is bold, like me
    • wool is warm
    • toppers are the star of cold weather outfits

List help weed out the extraneous details that bombard my email, Facebook feed, Instagram, etc.

This is the time of year for retail spam!

They are something to focus on…and focus I shall.  🙂

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