Topper To Do List


I always want something.

I always want it on sale.

Today, I want a camel colored coat.  Preferably belted.

It is such a pretty neutral…great with jeans and great with black.

The only catch, is that it is kinda flesh-tone for me.  😐

I bought a Merlot colored coat instead…because I wanted Merlot also.

Coats are the star of my cooler weather outfits.

Well co-star as boots play a major role too.

Scarves are starting to make more of an appearance these days also.

Merlot won’t wash me out or blend in…not like the camel.

One could literally wear the same outfit and no one would be any the wiser.  I may try that one day.

The Grand Matriarch has a bold red coat with a matching hat.

I want that color too – but later.  🙂

The Diva Force is strong in my family.  We also believe in being properly attired.

I enjoy watching it emerge in Infant.

Tentative Topper To Do List:

  • Camel
  • Bold Red
  • Navy
  • Fur Trimmed Hood
  • Ivory

It would be greedy to get all -> but having a list weeds out emotionally charged purchases [like ooooh, I just love it and soooo pretty].  For example, cobalt and plum are NOT on my list…pretty colors, but not for me, not in a coat – polish or a sweater but not a coat.  I need to keep this in mind when I come across that pretty plum or crazy hot cobalt coat…just say no.


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