DSW: Black Lencon Boot by Mark Fisher [Thighland by Stuart Weitzman shown]
Issues of a Teleworking Quad-Zilla -> jeans are not comfortable for all day sitting.

They are cute but also tight, less yielding and less comfortable than fitness leggings.

Add to that all the things in Infant’s schedule – and we go hard, all day.  I’m not doing ‘all day’ in anything that doesn’t feel like a dream.  😐

As a denim lover, it is hard admitting that I must stop buying them until they fit well again…feels like an impossible goal.

So, TY Black Friday and Cyber Monday and hello [a crap ton] Old Navy high-rise fitness compression leggings [here and here]…they are wonderful…and they will be tucked into boots and paired with leggings, tunics, cardigans, and dressy coats…well not the colorful leggings, they are only for the gym.

Best Leggings So Far For Full-Time Use in Lieu of Jeans:

  1. Zella High Rise
  2. Old Navy High Rise Compression
  3. Victoria’s Secret High Rise

They are opaque and/or compress well!

It’s cold -> so if it isn’t cozy, I’m not likely to wear it.

Goal -> cute and cozy for the winter with my hind quarters covered.


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