Romans 15.1

Clothing is my armor , toolkit, and weaponry.

We who are strong ought to bear with the failings of the weak and not to please ourselves.

Romans 15.1 NIV

Once a month I dig into a single verse in a particular journal…I read daily, but I like to draw or make mind maps…when I chose Romans 15.1 [had it open in the browser window from another day – I love pinning tabs!], I realized some unflattering things about myself.  As Sister says, I ‘had to admit some things.’  BOY did I ever!

My chief aim tends to be what Infant wants, closely followed by what I want.

Infant should be first…but it shouldn’t be about me next…it should be about how I can be of service to others.

I also don’t tend to hang around things that don’t benefit me.  Perhaps I should think as to how I can be a benefit to another?

Selfless vice selfish!

Where I’m strong in a quality, discipline, etc. I ought to be more patient with those who aren’t.  It’s only by God’s grace that I am what I am.

Patience…not my forte.  It is one of my larger failings.

I think the starting point is realizing that I am only strong because He providentially arrange my life so that I would be.

Bear with vice pleasing self.

Where others have been patient with me, I need to reflect on that and extend it to others.  God has been especially patient.  He has also sent people to me to help me along the way.

I might need to keep lists here…there have been many.

How dare I be such a turd?!

Remember when others had to bear with me vice how irksome bearing with others may or may not be.

Busyness ought not to keep me from being helpful.

Perhaps I can leave space and allocate it for other-centered activities.

IDK, Infant is busy…I am busy…the whole family is busy.

People and relationships vice tasks and agendas.

Clothes & frippery ought not to make me inhospitable or haughty.

I select what I like.

Others do to…if it isn’t a modesty issue, I shouldn’t have a comment…or even a thought.

The Dillard’s Debacle taught a few lessons:

I’ve grown.

No matter how well dressed, you will still be UNFAIRLY profiled by some demographic you didn’t choose.

At the end of the day, character matters most.

I really felt convicted…I have not been bearing with a certain party because I viewed them as in my way [aka focused on getting what I want in a situation…my agenda…my needs as more important than what they need – YIKES…yes girlfriend, you did that!].

WIFM – /whiff’em/

What’s in it for me?

Not a godly notion now that I think on it.





Hmmm…been a bit out-of-order/balance here.

Shopping Less Should Have

  • meant increased charity
  • increased gratefulness for what I have
  • increased time in the word

Note to self -> don’t be sorry, be better [as Sherlock told Kitty on Elementary!].

Better means patience in the situation.

Better means improved attitude.

Better means polite coping mechanisms.

Better means encouraging where it is needed.

Better means not jumping ship immediately because something doesn’t suit what I want…jumping ship may be required in the end…but that shouldn’t be the first option.

My role may be to help vice benefit.


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