To me, the best book characters have one or more of the following:

  • qualities we like in ourselves
  • qualities we wish we possessed
  • witty comments
  • funny sarcasm
  • enduring strength
  • ability to overcome obstacles

There are others I’m sure, but I haven’t thought of them 🙂  The Beautiful Creatures and Dangerous Creatures books are so good…I’m not so much into the angsty love story…but the drama that unfolds…and how the characters take care of each other.

Ridley Duchannes – The Siren

She’s bold, persevering and kinda mean.

Favorite Quotes:

“I am not wearing this mass-produced piece of mall crap. I look like I belong on the Disney Channel.”

Why look like the masses?  Be original.

Express yourself, mood, truth through your clothes, etc…with modesty and appropriateness of course.

I really don’t like twinning with anyone other than Infant.

[Rid isn’t very modest lol]

“I’m a Siren. I’m nobody’s girl. I don’t feel anything. And I don’t fall in love. I can’t. It’s always just been a gig.”

A Siren -> a seductively beautiful or charming woman, especially one who beguiles men….that is one definition.

Men see the exterior…fall hard and fast…that’s their fault.  Most times, beguiling and charming isn’t even required.  What does the bible say about lust of the eyes…this is why.  What looks good to you may not be good for you 🙂

I don’t fall easily.  I’m not quick to commit.  Wisdom and logic make better choices than emotions.  Carnal motivations tend to end badly.

“You should be careful who you talk to like that, Barbie.”

Won’t start stuff, but I won’t take any either.

The best a trouble maker can expect is to be ignored…they should pray I choose silence 😐

“Don’t look so wounded. We had fun while it lasted.”

Know your role.  I won’t promise more than I’ll deliver.  However, assumptions are dangerous.

Also, don’t be needy.

Note to self -> find a new series!


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