All Black with Nutmeg

Nutmeg or Cognac?  Either way, I’m in love 🙂

I used to vehemently say nay to black with brown…in my mind, then, all browns were the browns, coffees, and mocha below.  Also back then, they were more like gross bodily function looking hues.  Lately though, shades have been prettier!   Rich…earthy looking and inviting!

Certain shades, for me, work like a pop of color with all black.


Seeing as I’ll not give up all my black, I need to find ways to prevent boredom…and also look my best with what I [now] have.

Shades of brown I recently realized I rather like:








*not pictured

I also find myself liking browns with color better than black.  I like love black…but black can be such a harsh contrast sometimes.

I’ve even found I like tan and grey.

My girl M has always loved brown [she’s stunning and has always looked stunning in it but…I used to call it shades of turd…how very foul of me…but…there it is…

However, the longer I live, one thing is sure…never say never to anything but sin [as for saying never to sin – be prayed up and intentionally rest in the Lord because a test is coming 😐 ].

Growth happens via the most random stimuli!  In my efforts to create an age gap between Infant and me [twins is what we’re called despite the fact I’m shorter, MUCH older, and FAR curvier], I’ve started trying things I know she wouldn’t [at least in theory as she has of late been in my closet with increasing frequency!  O_O ] in an attempt to make it clear that I am the parent.

Note to self -> hurry up and wear the boots!



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