Bag Blessings


I love the Surprise Sales with up to 75% off.  I need nothing so I rarely purchase anything full price…it happens, but not very often.

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I’ve been wanting a new bag – a leopard bag one to be exact…fun without being overly garish or with weird colors/spots…and prior to today, all that met my criteria have been in excess of 1000.00$  😐  Um…no.  Solid NO tho those over a “G” bags.  Never say never – but definitely not in the now.  I’m all about my leopard, but there is a limit!

I finally found one that works [or I hope it will since I ordered it sight unseen!  I’m usually safe with Kate though.] – classic shape with super tasteful and pretty leopard flap…as well as a Christmas surprise for Infant.

Every young lady needs a nice but small black bag that she can keep for a very long time.

I need to make a list of classic things for her to have!

Girls are so  much fun 🙂

Thank You God for my great little girl 🙂  Also Thank You God for the bag I wanted in the shape I wanted and the color/print/quality I wanted…top handle [check] and leopard and leather [check].

I haven’t bought a bag since the summer…and before that it had been a while…maybe 3 bags this year?  I see improvement!


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