Mother’s Merry Christmas!


Her Theme

The Lady that has Everything, Twice

The Gift

Infant and I have cowboy boots…Mama now wants some too.  I’m already planning a western three generation photo shoot!

Flattered to have inspired a new look!  I’ve never EVER seen her in anything remotely western besides a hat.

BUT – tiny feet can be quite limiting.  I got a tiny taste of what it is like to shop for great shoes at a great price for tiny little feet.  I spent much more effort tracking these boots down than I have on any shoe I’ve wanted for myself 🙂

I’m tempted to buy these for myself!

Did a test run on her foot so I could try again if they were a fail -> they weren’t!

Like Infant, her list is never just one thing…but she’s the Grand Matriarch, so it is to be expected -> she also wanted this, an Aveda dry brush – also inspired by me – LOL – we feed off of each other…which tends to mean I behave better while teaching her my mischief.  It’s a joy to be so close.

Jolly good fun!  Balance is key!

Things she has, that I wouldn’t mind having:

  • Wigs
  • Fancy Baubles
  • Fancy Watches

Diva Tendencies kind of run in the family 🙂  so I’ll need to find some cute Diva-worthy stocking stuffers too.

durango boots.jpg


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