Pre-Fall, Semi-Cold


Temps vary in the Semi-Southern Pre-Fall 😐  AM cool -> Afternoon warmth -> PM cold.

Most Worn

  • OTK boots
  • Rag & Bone booties
  • Cardigans of all lengths
  • Ruanas
  • Scarves
  • Leggings
    • Best are by Zella
    • HUE embodies mediocrity
    • Worst are by Express [pilling on first wear is UNACCEPTABLE]
  • Jeggings
    • Best are by Express
    • GAP is passable
    • Worst are by Banana Republic
    • [for my build]
  • Simple tops – knits and cotton
  • Swing dresses

Lessons Learned


  • Sometimes cozy means bulky…not a good look for me.
  • Cropped sweaters need to be fitted…lest they enhance shoulders that don’t need enhancing.
  • Waist cinching is a must in pretty much every outfit.
  • Leggings are more comfortable than jeggings when I lift a lot.

Aesthetics & Comfort

  • I wear my faves more than my not-faves.
    • SO -> I really need to assess comfort and versatility before purchasing/keeping.
  • Ruanas elevate leggings…need to attempt belting one [works in pictures].
    • Still feel like they aren’t pants…
    • BUT -> they tuck into boots and feel better than jeggings/skinnies.
  • Not all cardigans are flattering.
    • Belted is ideal.
    • Cropped and fitted in thin knits are good.
    • NO bulk.
  • Be mindful of lines and how certain things ruin a lean look.
    • OTKs draw the eye up [beware of bunching at the knee]
    • Knee boots can look weird…perhaps they are best with tucked or cropped tops?
  • Skin directly underneath OTK boots = sliding…they can never be comfortably tied tight enough to stop it…layering = friction.
  • Of all the OTK boots, the wine ones are my faves and have been worn the most.
  • The Noble boot sucks as far as comfort is concerned…gets loads of compliments but I need a serious siesta when I take them off.
    • I’m debating selling them – they look good on and I wonder if they just need breaking in.

New and pretty are always tempting…but I have things that I find utterly useless despite how cute they are…it’s hard to stop shopping…but I am approaching [as in not quite there yet lol] having too many things.

As this month ends…I’m really taking inventory…sharing with shelters and selling a few things.  Of course Infant has first dibs where things are age appropriate.  🙂

I’m just more than a bit convicted about my pile of stuff.  Guess the Lord convicts in waves…I’d be crushed if it came all at once!

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