Cyber Monday Reflections

Leggings shouldn’t be pants…but…[rationalizing starting now]…if I wear thick compression at the gym and on any errands right after – those are fine for pants with long shirts 🙂 they are opaque.  🙂
So, I’m supposed to shop less…and…well…I did shop less than years before 🙂  Ha!

Including today up to this point:


  • When Calls the Heart movies [every possible one that was $5!]
  • Christian Christmas CD [also $5]
  • Old Navy Items [the line was horrific]
  • Cute cup from Hobby Lobby
  • Extensions!
  • More OTK boots [obsession may be the right word now…]
    • BUT – I did give Infant two pair…one unworn [like ever] and one worn once…to be young and lean…LE SIGH…they looked better on her anyway 😐
    • I also plan to sell a pair – the heel is just too much to be bothered with [insert Southern Belle dramatics here – I just simply can’t]
  • Coat [closer to knee than my current belted wool coat…honestly, in fall/winter/cold it is all about the topper and boots…]
  • Kindle books.
  • Heat tool -> Bible Journaling with Gesso [first attempt is soon to happen!]
  • Considering stuff…but overall I’ve said no to a lot…Loft, Banana, Express, Joe’s New Balance Outlet, Ann Taylor, Nordstrom [though some jeans are tempting to try!], etc.


  • Infant
    • Old Navy Items
    • Extensions
    • Hobby Lobby Holiday Items
      • Stocking
      • Personalized Ornament
      • Candy
      • Cute Holiday Cup
    • TO DO -> Boxing Class Pass [then I’m done]
  • Pa -> drill


  • Comestibles

To Do

  • Class Pass for Infant
  • FSA Store Items for health related stocking stuffer items.
  • Sonicare for the Matriarch [trading vice gift lol]
  • Gift card for Sibling
  • Wrap everything…
  • High Rise Compression from Old Navy for Moi

Final Thoughts

  • I intensely hate lines and crowds in stores.  I also hate mall traffic.
  • Old Navy online is so much more pleasant to shop in vice the actual store [clutter city].
  • Almost Christmas was funny.
  • LifeWay is great for When Calls the Heart!  I need to finish what is on Netflix.
  • Gilmore Girls revival wasn’t as great as I expected though kinda good.  I just didn’t feel it was quite like the original…like it was the semi-sleazy progression.
  • I hardly read anything.
  • Limited doesn’t really work for me.
  • Express jeans are loosing their appeal to me 😐  I tired on two and BARF!
  • NY & Company as also lost its appeal.
  • I’ll not shop at Dillard’s again…save for the huge gift card they gave at their most egregious mistake.  I’ll not be profiled 😐
  • It is so hard shopping for muscles and curves…I’m seriously feeling like culling my closet by 25-50%!  Poor fit is frustrating!  And if I’m honest, my shoulders will always be 10″ larger than my waist so some bulkier things are never going to work…like ever.  All those cute chunky knits other  bloggers wear – look horrid on me…HORRID.
  • I admit my hypocrisy -> leggings aren’t pants…but…with a long tunic length top and boots and a cute topper, I bloody-well will wear them as pants…muscles complicate dressing!  I mean total frustration with any and all pants…and skirts aren’t the best when it is cold…or you’re just mucking about.
  • Ham sandwiches on toasted hot dog buns with flat long pickles and tons of mayo…YUM.  I started with hate…so I’ll end with love -> I LOVE pickles.  Dill only.  Pickles on ham, chicken, alone, fried, plain…YUM.
  • Random…I am very random (see above).

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