They told me so…

Current Faves!

Error isn’t foreign to me…to be human is to err.

SO…I’m not opposed to admitting how right sister & friends were about makeup…to a point…eyes and lips only…maybe bronzer.  Still no BB/CC creams, foundation and pressed powder -> BARF.

My skills are novice…and as with cooking…quality products go on easier [and don’t make my eyes water].  Cheap pots don’t cook like nicer ones…and cheap makeup doesn’t go on as well, for a novice at least, as better makeup.  Tends to stay on better and smudge less…you get what you pay for most times.  Costs can be mitigated by waiting for sales and hosting parties…and kind people who give gift cards to great stores 🙂

Like here, here, and here.

A goal for me in my 200 in 2 was a new eye look…the first was basic but quietly pretty…the new one is semi-quiet and also pretty.

First look: Muted finger applied gold with twist-up liner and mediocre mascara

Second look: Several golds [both more vivid] with bolder brush applied liner [black, green, metallics, even using eye shadow!] and more effective mascara using lash primer [the latter was a game changer for me…wow]

Obviously I am WAY behind the curve…like way.  🙂

The boldest looks are still saved for the more skillful!  Though I am up for learning…when I’m in the mood for that.  🙂

So far…I only wear it when I’m taking pix, going to church, or attending something where I want to look/feel fixed up.  At most twice a week!

As any newbie would…I zealously procured a lot to play with 😐 🙂


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