SMC: BR Merino V-Neck Sweater


I love to find a super usable/versatile item on sale.

Thank you Jesus for the sale on top of sale on top of cardholder benefits!

I’ll have to keep Banana Republic in mind…non-itchy wool is a win at most prices…but less than 15$…super big win!

Tops don’t require the same brand loyalty as dresses and bottoms do…so I frequently forget who has the best what when it comes to tops.  😐  [hence why I document today – a remind for future self]

From the Closet:

Tucked, un-tucked and half tucked with:

  • Jeans
  • Skirts


  • Statement baubles
  • Simple makeup
  • Harrow OR OTK boot OR knee boot OR INC studded heels


  • Maxi skirt [shown above but in black]
  • Black semi-mini skirt [figure skimming but a bit longer than shown above]

Seems good enough for most activities…


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