Post Birthday Reflection


Salvation [from eternal hell fire] with another undeserved day of life is the BEST blessing…so no birthday rewards/money/gifts could compare, but I’m still grateful -> it is just extra.  With the extra, I was able to fill some closet holes:

  • black long-sleeved tee
  • black turtleneck
  • cozy layers
  • leggings
  • pine long-sleeved tee
  • cognac OTK boots with a heel [more walk-able than the Noble -> lesson was to wait on the Lord and He will provide precisely what will work!  The Nobles are awful.]
  • Goal Digger water bottle
  • OTK socks -> I wonder whose skinny or short legs made these OTK 😐

The Meh -> not horrible and better than nothing…they would have been much  more useful if I was shopping to be shopping with the percentage off – likely more in comparison to flat dollar amounts…but still, I’m not impressed.  A gift shouldn’t require me to spend…perhaps an either/or option…  I do that already…and Macy’s – 10 off of 30…BYE…except I got an awesome gift card to pair with it LOL

Macy’s Black Friday maybes:

  • tan belted wool coat that comes to my knees
  • tan cape
  • poncho
  • mascara
  • new purse
  • fragrance
  • Christmas PJs for Infant and me
  • NO shoes or boots though…
  • planner? [would be redundant but Kate Spade 🙂 ]

Notes to self – >

Don’t go over…much!

Thank God for it all.

Share excess with others!



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