Bon anniversaire!

To Me!

37 years of being kept, by Jesus.

The List

  • Boots [to me from me: already bought them and worn at least one pair…lol]
  • Gift cards are welcome.
  • Comestibles are welcome.
  • Fun with Family & Friend(s)
  • No clutter -> it will be donated quickly.

The Reflection


I see and feel change.  I’ve learned from mistakes and grown.  I feel the proof of growth is that I’m not still making the same mistakes!  And even beyond that, that I don’t have the same desires.  I feel bolder than I did in my 20s too.

General things:

  • If it is in His will, He will provide.
    • If it isn’t, He won’t…to get for myself is works of the flesh…and usually a recipe for disaster!
    • Why fight against God?
      • Short story, He wins!
      • Disobedience means chastening which isn’t fun.
  • What does God think then what do I think?
    • Opinions are abundant…and likely held by people who don’t, won’t or can’t help…are useless even if they could or would help…but even more, they are irrelevant…and none of my business.
    • Constructive criticism is welcome -> if it lines up with the bible, isn’t rude, and is applicable.  However, I am unlikely to take any from hot messes that don’t know their backside from their elbow.  Credibility is key.
  • Priorities prove who/what you are devoted to.  Talk is cheap.
  • If you like it, I love it…and won’t bother saying anything else on the matter, just don’t force said thing upon me.
  • There will always be haters and malcontents.
    • Choose your circle wisely.
      • You’re not for everyone and everyone isn’t for you.  It isn’t promised that everyone will like you.  Thank God if you have a few people to love that love you back.
  • Mr. Wrong comes in a variety of seemingly okay personalities.
    • Know yourself so you can know what works for you.
    • Going on dates for free meals is stupid and absurd…really, what is your time worth?!
  • You reap what you sow…later than you sow…greater than you sow…BEWARE!
  • Peace is priceless.
  • Watch action…words matter very little if they don’t ‘have feet.’
    • You can see a whole lot of the identity in how they treat others…tip [El Cheapos are the worst]…give to charity…interact with family…how their kids treat them…etc.
    • More likely than not, things are character vice flukes.
  • Closed mouths don’t get fed – SO ask!
  • Plan well!
  • Follow, inspect, etc. the common denominator…the common denominator is usually the key or the problem…
    • As the older ones say ‘everyone can’t be wrong’
  • Make small changes consistently and build on them…total 180s never stick…Rome wasn’t built in a day.
  • Do it yourself…anything from happiness to looking up how to fix something to ANYTHING, whatever it is, if you can do it yourself, you should.
  • Know how to be by yourself…books and digital streaming are far preferable to being around idiots because noone else is available!
  • If you don’t do the work, how do you expect any reward?
  • You never know what makes people act the way they do…unless you’re a jerk, it isn’t likely about you…even if it is in response to or directed at you.
  • Never stop learning…learn something at all times!


Infant and I have our thing.  Most other people don’t get it, but it works for us.  We’re not very traditional…kinda like the Gilmore Girls…we’re…just…us…it isn’t an effort to be friends, that was never my goal…but somehow there is a friend component that is adjacent to the discipline/order/etc. piece.  I call it picking my battles and listening…she calls me her best friend [I’m sure she edits some things because I get Mama Bear pretty quickly and she is independent when it comes to handling her own affairs]…Lord willing we will be when she is an adult.  She’s such a neat and incredible person.  I’m one proud Mama!

We’re both thriving in our roles.  We’re both growing in our faith walk.  We’re even getting fitter and eating cleaner together…well talking about it and that is a start…sometimes, she isn’t an early riser 🙂

I’ve learned planning and being organized with all the older-kid activities is crucial.

I thank God for her.  She has always been enough…’don’t you want more’ is what nosy [though sometimes well-meaning] people ask…NO.  I’m quite blessed as I am…Maxi & Me.

New Sports Mama Gear -> 200 lb. capacity collapsible wagon -> it is everything!!!!!!!!!!!!


I feel much more at peace with saying no to trends and any other item that others love but doesn’t fit me or my life.  Lately I’m all about:


Walk-ability is K.E.Y.  I’m too old to totter or be slowed down by a shoe.

  • OTK boots
  • Rag & Bone booties
  • Flats – of all kinds
  • Adidas Superstars
  • Pointy pumps/heels
  • Simple Sandals
  • Frye, Ariat, Nine West, Mark Fisher, INC, Antonio Melani, Arturo Chiang, Nike, New Balance, Adidas, Converse, etc.  I’m pretty open-minded as long as fit and construction are on point.

Clothes, Brands & Stores

I’ve been trying to, and have mostly done so, narrow down what works and only bother with that.  I want the best quality I can afford in the most flattering classic/clean lines.  It must also be comfortable and look good as I am [vice will be].  I’ll don shape wear as needed…but it isn’t my favorite…but cake.  🙂

  • Leggings & Jeggings
  • Button Downs
  • Knits
  • Dresses – sheaths, shifts, and a-line…sometimes a swing/trapeze
    • don’t love maxis or super flowy things…not for my figure
  • Camis & Cardis [Cardis with many things!]
  • BR, EXP, Ann Taylor, LOFT, 6PM,, J. Crew [all], NYCO [on a spare], Macy’s, Dillard’s, VS, Nordstrom, Club Monaco [sales please!]
  • Statement necklaces
  • Cute scarves
  • One ring per hand
  • Nice watches
  • Go-TO Outfit #1: leggings, long/tunic knit/sweater/shirt, OTKs, belt if needed, statement necklace or scarf as needed
  • GO-TO Outfit #2: Cute dress and sandals
  • GO-TO Outfit #3: Jeggings, cute top, boots/booties

I’m a moody dresser…I dress for the mood I’m in and the climate…being cold sucks stinks.


Colors, Prints & Patterns

Nothing too crazy…or that makes me look sallow or unhealthy!

  • Neutrals – Grey, Navy, Taupe, Camel, Black, White, Ivory, etc.
  • Classic prints – stripes, leopard, plaid, polka dots [on occasion!]
  • Blush
  • Wine
  • Olive
  • Camel – but not by my face


Theme song: Titanium [David Guetta with Sia]

  • Kettlebells
  • WIP -> Power Cleans
  • Circuits, Complexes, Chains, Super-Sets
  • Working on keeping my mile under 15 minutes [lol]
  • HIIT, if I must lol…cake says I must 😐
  • Improving my rows…300m and 500m
  • Group classes with qualified trainers
  • I love weights more than cardio…always&forever!

Christian Walk

The more the Lord shows me, the more I am in awe.  What a wretch I am – disgustingly so…and He still loves me…cares for me…provides for me…keeps me.  He does all that despite knowing full well I will continue to fall short.  I’ll be sorry [in the end sometimes] but I’ll still have blown it.

As one minister said, He shows me some things…then He shows me some more things…and more...and won’t be done showing me until I get to heaven.  Everything in the past was checking things off…high school…then college…then grad school…and etc…BUT the Lord’s lessons never get checked off, there is always more to do.  And there are repeats…you think you’ve kicked a habit, but a situation pops up and shows you to be aware lest you fall back into it!

As big sister said -> get it [scripture] in and the rest will come [as in the bad will slowly fade/fall away].  She was and still is quite right.  It isn’t easy to sin when you know better…even less so to not be convicted about it.

Can’t live out what you don’t know -> so -> STUDY!

I’m trying to be mindful how people relate my behavior to God…that usually checks things…I’ll keep focusing there.  Study to show thyself approved!

I’ve also learned that avoiding Trouble’s hangouts is a good plan too.

The Direction

Closer to Christ…more fruit…less spending…more peace…more calmness…cleaner eating…more experiences…more lifting weights…more charity…more good…less drama [would say NO drama but it isn’t always avoidable BUT if they dare, they will be shut DOWN with swiftness and appropriate severity]…less clutter…less shopping…

Walk in the light and when it comes to others, (in short) -> more light and less darkness…see what fruit they consistently produce [we all have bad days – but bad lives are indicative].  The bible says ‘you will know them by their fruit‘ and ‘…people loved darkness more than light, for their actions were evil…all who do evil hate the light…but those who do what is right come to the light so others can see they are doing what God wants [John 3.19-21]’.  Consistency means character…I’ve misjudged in the past…character for flukes and vice versa…  I think I will have to start with lists…otherwise I’ll forget stuff and think bad character is just a bad day!

Goal -> is to heed the still small voice so I can be more fruitful AND discern better!  AND shop less.


Happy 37th Birthday to Me 🙂


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