B-DAY: Express

exp-bdayExpress is a go-to for staples and every day clothing.  I shop there a lot and the rewards and birthday money always make me happy.

$40 🙂

Instead of being excessive, as I have a bit too  much presently…I decided to get something I wear a lot – leggings.

I’m playing with my fit-routine so I expect some up and down of the quads, hamstrings, and glutes.  Deadlifts are the difference between being a 6 and an 8.

I also love OTK boots -> cue leggings!  Instantly stylish without being bothered with jeggings or jeans!

Buy one and get one for $19.90-> $21 for 2 pairs (reg. 39.90).


That, is my kind of deal!  I plan to pair with:

  1. OTKS
  2. Longer cardis
  3. Tunics
  4. Short dresses
  5. Huge sweaters
  6. Knee boots

Thank you Jesus for the birthday bucks!  Going forward, I plan to map out yearly shopping and do some real planning on how to use them.  Then I’ll post it so I stay aware!


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