Thank you DSW for the FIVE dollars birthday gift…just enough to get me shopping 🙂  I opted for online because I seldom see anything in the store…and it isn’t close.

Sarcasm aside, I was glad to see a cognac OTK boot by a brand I trust – Lencon by Mark Fisher.  I have 3 flat ones by this fellow…he is a new fave for my rather thin legs.  That glove fit has been elusive most of my adult life…and completely impossible before that 🙂

Paired with a convenient 25% off [of two or more things]…I get a boot I’ve been wanting…for about two days [something about warm/fall colors that draws me like no other].  In the fall…great boots make the outfit.  I hope they look as good in person!

25% not reflected above…nor the big huge $5 birthday gift.  🙂

Thank you Jesus.  He provides in my price point…kind of makes me feel silly for even considering the Stuart Weitzman OTKs 😐  quite silly indeed [for me…congrats to the gal who can  have them!].  It shoes aren’t the thing where I live…cute and/or stylish is usually good enough.  This reminds me that He cares…for all things…serious and small…in fact, everything is small to a big and powerful and holy God.

The new water bottle and OTK socks [thin ankles make boots slide without some friction] they help the boots to stay up] were a bonus since I couldn’t decide which I wanted more…though only one was needed to get the discount…

I already have the outfit…leggings, sweater, duster or trench, and gold baubles.

Ironically – for all the wanting of grey boots, I’m glad they didn’t work as I like cognac far better.  I just hope they don’t make my legs look like a great big chicken drumstick 😐

Happy birthday to me 🙂


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