A Fave: Zella Leggings


Reversible…high-rise…sheer inset [want]…lattice detail at the ankle [seriously considering buying…today!]…I love this brand…and they fare well in the wash also.  I have the mid rise reversible and high-rise not reversible.  They are more opaque because they are meant to be worn as pants [vice other brand leggings that end of being sheer to the point of seeing undergarments in some lighting].

Where my muscles are concerned, jeggings aren’t the most comfortable presently.

Building muscle and cutting fat is a GREAT reason NOT to buy more jeans and jeggings…

At first I was averse to hypertrophy training -> who wants to get bigger on purpose?

However, upon greater reflection that is a FANTASTIC excuse to exclusively wear tanks, leggings and great knits/cardis with OTK boots…AND I love boots!

SO -> now is as good a time as any for hypertrophy training!  The layers of fall and winter lend themselves to a body that expands and contracts…

Hypertrophy Training [3 sets of each super set]

chest fly with rear lunge

TRX row with stiff-legged deadlift

TRX biceps with TRX triceps

shoulders [side raise with thumbs toward body, front raise with thumbs up, bent over raise with thumbs toward body]with TRX/slider hamstring curl [the latter is hard, I’d sub if I could think of something else]

45 seconds each…lots of burning!

I wouldn’t mind being more cut…I just don’t want the girth that will come if I don’t cut fat.

So I’m cleaning up my diet…better snacks…strategic sweets…more fruits/veggies.

Goals -> remain a size 6 and get body fat percent to be around 25.

Outfits for Leggings [and knee and OTK boots]

with tank/tee and long cardis

with tank/tee [longer than top] and chunky knit

with shorter dresses

with tunics [especially ones with side slits]

Note to self -> wait for a sale and get several!


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