It must hugely suck to be a hater.

Note to self -> advertising posting about yourself online takes away privacy -> to the degree that you do it.  Also, people can be mean; don’t be surprised or hurt by opinions.

The more exposure, the more transparent your fishbowl.

Mystery is good!

Polyvore sets allow me pictorial representations of my ideas for my posts without having myself on display.  I appreciate those who do put themselves out there…and I garner ideas from them too…to each his/her own.

I’m not bashful, I just really like my privacy.  Even more than that, I don’t have a single misgiving about my fellow humans.  Many are nice and supportive, but the most vocal usually are the most critical…either being chronic nay-sayers or just particularly nasty people who spew bitterness every single time they furiously click away at the keyboard to spread ill-will.  Yuck.

I’ve no patience for that.  I’m not here for that.  For all intents and purposes this is a diary to myself for future review…but if someone finds me interesting, I’m grateful…and open to kindly stated insight or constructive criticism…but that is me.

I love seeing the ideas of others…and if I did have an untoward thought, I’d keep it to myself…and likely rebuke myself for having thought it.  Sometimes 🙂

We are in an age where people can be internet thugs and say the worst without fear of the beating [verbal or otherwise] they’d risk if they said those things to the person’s face.

Cowardly.  Disgusting.  Smarmy.  Weak.  Pathetic.

I do, however, think it is insanely petty and silly to respond to the haters directly or even passive aggressively.  It gives the distinct impression of insecurity at best and an inferiority complex at worst.  Whatever the case, it shows a very serious chink in your armor.  I teach Infant this.  The less you respond and say, the better.  Or as her venerable Grandfather says [my Daddy of course 🙂 ], don’t argue with a fool; people won’t be able to tell the difference between you and them.   Real talk.  In the end, the responder looks worse than the person who made the comment….so childish.

Head held high, know who you are [in Christ] and keep it moving.

We’re image bearers of God – only what He says about us counts…and He won’t call you fat, ugly, stupid, etc.  You will likely find truth for needed/required improvement in the bible or via the still small voice, but it won’t be cutting, mean or condescending…nor will that voice conflict with scripture.

Then there’s:

Abuse if you slight it, will gradually die away;

but if you show yourself irritated,

you will be thought to have deserved it.


This was a go-to reminder for me during the Great Battle of 11…and knowing myself well…I am also reminded as to why I post very little about myself online.  The temptation to clown offenders would be too strong…could I consistently not respond???  Probably not – we all have days where we slip.  I try to plan around my shortcomings where possible.

The people I love and that love me see me in real life…no need to put it all online.

I’m reminded of something Infant’s godfather said – people don’t want to hear the good…they only want to hear the bad.  I don’t think everyone experiences this…but I do believe that the more people covet your look or possessions, the more you will see this ugly facet of human nature…and let’s call it what it is -> sin.

Better to keep some things to yourself than to have a weaker brother/sister stumble.

I tend to wish the best for others and can be generally happy for them without comparison to myself…but I do tend to have definite untoward feelings for braggarts…I was raised to eschew bragging and despise it in others as cause for avoiding them [seems like the language of Narcissists]…I do like to hear their bad because they are obnoxious to me and I like to see them humbled…this too is probably sin.  My motives are ugly.  😐  I’d like them forcibly shut up vice being drawn from self-reliance [and maybe idolatry] to the Lord where they can find the satisfaction their soul craves in Him [vice the stuff they are bragging about].

I’m praying about that.  🙂  I’ve confessed it too.

On the flip, every compliment giver isn’t sincere.  From sycophants to people who will quickly be cashing in for a favor/etc…and then there are those long-con lovers that build up with excessive and usually false praise to lower defenses…

Wisdom is needed to discern what to share and [more importantly] what not to share…and how fully to share it.  Harmless as doves and wise as serpents…

One that truly loves one’s self won’t be moved [to spewing vitriol] by haters.  There is a quick ‘bless your heart’ and then they are forgotten…or perhaps mocked lol.

My final note to self -> if you truly put yourself out there, be very mindful of what is shared and how it is shared.

However, I don’t see this being the case…I love Polyvore too  much.  🙂


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